• Providing quantitative data for economic decision.
  • Fund Management including working capital management.
  • Maintaining systematic records.
  • Ensuring compliance with accounting standards so as to depict true and fair view of financial position and profitability of the company.
  • Preparation of Cost data.
  • Ensuring timely remittance of all payments including statutory payments.
  • Interpretation of financial statement and their practical application.
  • Strengthening internal control through internal audit wing.


  • Establishment matters like recruitment, promotion, wage revision etc.
  • Legal issues on administrative matter.
  • Trade union issues.
  • Training and development.
  • Law and order issues.
  • Enforcement of work culture. 



  • Monopoly supplier of Ayurveda medicines to all Government Hospitals, Colleges, Dispensaries under ISM department of Government of Kerala.
  • Supplier of medicine to Government Hospitals and Dispensaries of other states viz. Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Chattissgarh, Pondicherry, Rajasthan, Orissa, New Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Hariyana, Sikkim, Tamil Naduand and Andaman Nicobar Islands.
  • Supplier of medicine to E.S.I Dispensaries under State E.S.I Department.
  • Supplies medicines to general public through over 650 dealers across Kerala and special outlets in metros all over India.
  • Annual turnover during 2018-19 is 151 Crore


  • Produces 498 different varieties of medicines.
  • Multi-disciplinary team of doctors for supervision.
  • Production of medicines as per GMP norms.
  • Quality assurance in various stages of production process.
  • Modern dosage forms like Tablet, Capsule, Ointment, Granules and Syrup.
  • Tradition amalgamates with Modern Technology.


  • Purchases more than 500 varieties of raw materials through open tender
  • Standardized procedure to verify the variety of raw materials.
  • More than 45% raw materials come from the forest.
  • Annual purchase of Rs. 82 crores.
  • Buy back agreement with farmers.
  • Maintaining data base of raw materials.


Quality Control Department

Quality control is a routine process involving tests for monitoring the quality of each and every batch of raw drug / process / product and its compliance with predetermined standards.

Function of QC

  • Raw Material Quality Inspection and approval
  • In process quality Verification
  • Customer-Complaint analysis, take corrective and preventive action
  • Tender sample verification process.
  • Finished Medicine Quality Inspection and approval for product release
  • Technical data verification of lables and cartons
  • Quality assurance of packing materials
  • Authority to keep control sample of batch wise medicines up to the date of  expiry


A new R&D wing was established in Oushadhi in the year 2008. We have well established Ayush accredited laboratory with experts in Pharmacy, Botany, Biochemistry and Microbiology headed by an Ayurvedic Doctor, Now R&D lab is in the path of NABL Accreditation.  

Objectives & Functions. 

  1. To develop products in needful segments as per the demand from Marketing department.
  2. R&D lab is in the path of NABL Accreditation.
  3. To develop quality assurance parameters and standardization of raw material and finished products.
  4. To modify & validate the process in classical products to reduce process time, cost of production with new scientific methods.
  5. Collaborative projects with TBGRI, CFTRI, NMPB, SMPB &KAU
  6. Inter disciplinary projects and training for PG scholars.
  7. COE Activities for   standardization of Asava-Arishsta
  8. Product certification is issued to obtain drug licence of our patent & classical products.
  9. Outside samples are verified & product certification reports are given to obtain drug Licence.