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•    1941 : Commenced by His Highness, the Maharaja of Cochin as " Sree Kerala Varma Ayurveda Pharmacy"

•    1959 : Converted into co-operative society viz. Sree Kerala Varma Ayurveda Pharmacy and Stores Ltd.

•    1975 : Registered as a Company under Indian Companies Act 1956 and renamed as "The Pharmaceutical Corporation

                 (Indian Medicines) Kerala Ltd" Thrissur.

•    1991 : Commissioned modern manufacturing unit at Kuttanellur and shifted the factory to the new premises.

•    2004 : Started a new Panchakarma Hospital and Research Institute at Thrissur.

•    2007 : The entire office shifted to the factory premises at Kuttanellur.

•    2008 :Commenced full fledged R&D Centre at Kuttanellur and Regional Distribution Unit at Kannur

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